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  • Packaging: 250 gr (125 gr A + 125 gr B)
  • Packaging: 4 KG (2 kg A + 2 kg B)
  • Packaging: 12 KG (9 kg A + 3 kg B)
  • LIQUID GLASS RESIN - Transparent liquid resin, safer and easy to use (1: 1)


    Transparent liquid resin with an innovative formula, alcohol-free and safer, easy to use for shiny crystal effect creations that do not yellow over time.

    EASY TO USE: mix the 2 components with the easy catalysis ratio (1: 1 = 100g component A + 100g component B); Easy to color with specific resin pigments.

    SAFE: thanks to its innovative formula, LGR is free of alcohol, no BPA (no bisphenol A), and no fumes during catalysis.

    EXCELLENT RESISTANCE TO EXTERNAL AGENTS: The special UV filter prevents yellowing caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun; The crystalline transparency allows to obtain a vitrifying effect never seen before.

    EXCELLENT MECHANICAL PROPERTIES: its viscosity allows casting without incorporating air bubbles, allowing excellent workability both on surfaces and with silicone molds.

    RESCHIMICA QUALITY: avant-garde Italian company for the production of rubbers, resins and DIY products.

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  • CRISTAL P - Epoxy resin for casting up to 30 cm (catalyses in 72/96h)


    Professional transparent epoxy resin for making tables and design objects.

    The product hardens in 72/96 hours, does not turn yellow (special UV filter), self-level and can be used for application in thickness (up to 20 cm / m2).

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  • FIL GRIGIO - Gray polyurethane resin for model making (catalyzes in 20min)


    Gray Resin for perfect models in 20 minutes.

    It fastly creates white colored objects, easy to be colored, detailed and without air bubbles. Perfect for scale model and miniatures.

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  • FIL BIANCO - Fast polyurethane resin white color (catalyzes in 20 min)


    White Resin for perfect creations in 20 minutes.

    It fastly creates white colored objects, easy to be colored, detailed and without air bubbles. 

    Perfect for resin creations, decorations, bijoux and DIY project.

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