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  • Packaging: 60 gr
  • Packaging: 250 gr (125 gr A + 125 gr B)
  • Packaging: 300 gr (200 gr A + 100 gr B)
  • Packaging: 12 KG (9 kg A + 3 kg B)
  • CRISTAL E - Fast transparent resin for casting up to a max thickness of 1 cm (catalyzes in 4h)


    Fast epoxy resin, easy and safe to use, it allows you to create transparent and shiny objects in resin in just 4 hours.

    INNOVATIVE FORMULA: the creations can be turned out of the silicone molds after only 4 hours and harden completely after 6 hours; The workability time is 10'-15 'for quantities up to 30gr.

    EASY TO USE: mix the 2 components with the 2: 1 catalysis ratio (30g product A + 15g product B) to have the product ready for use. Easy to color with specific dyes for epoxy resins.

    EXCELLENT MECHANICAL PROPERTIES: its viscosity allows the casting without incorporating air bubbles, allowing excellent workability both on surfaces and with silicone molds.

    RECOMMENDED: for making jewels, trinkets, modeling, artistic creations, bijoux, cabochons, works by Mixed Media and coverings on different supports such as wood.

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  • CRISTAL P - Resina epossidica per legno


    Resina epossidica per legno da utilizzare per colate fino a 20 cm, catalizza in 72/96h.

    Questa resina trasparente per legno è una resina professionale per realizzare tavoli ed oggetti di design.

    Il prodotto indurisce in 72/96 ore, non ingiallisce (speciale filtro UV), si autolivella e può essere utilizzato per applicazione in alti spessori fino a 20 cm/mq.

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  • FIL CRISTAL UV - Monocomponent transparent resin (catalyzes in 2 minutes with UV rays)


    It hardens in a few minutes with UV rays.

    ULTRA TRANSPARENT: the resin is in liquid form; Quickly solidifies in 1-6 minutes if exposed to light from a UV source while maintaining its crystalline effect.

    EASY TO USE: fill the mold or make the sculpture by hand and expose everything to UV light, there is nothing else to do!

    EASY TO COLOR: color the resin to your liking through a wide selection of specific colorants for resins such as our Resin Color, Fil Cristal Color and Resin Art.

    IDEAL FOR DIY: create jewelry, trinkets, pendants, earrings, artistic decorations and much more, the limit is only your imagination!

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  • FIL GRIGIO - Gray polyurethane resin for model making (catalyzes in 20min)


    Gray Resin for perfect models in 20 minutes.

    It fastly creates white colored objects, easy to be colored, detailed and without air bubbles. Perfect for scale model and miniatures.

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  • FIL BIANCO - White polyurethane resin for model making (catalyzes in 20min)


    Resina bianca per creazioni perfette in 20 minuti.


    ECCELLENTI PROPRIETÀ MECCANICHE: la sua viscosità permette la colata senza inglobare bolle d'aria, permettendo un'ottima lavorabilità sia su superfici che con stampi siliconici.

    FACILE DA USARE: miscelare i 2 componenti con un rapporto di catalisi 1:1 (100g componente A + 100g componente B) per avere il prodotto pronto all'uso. Facile da colorare con i coloranti specifici per le resine epossidiche come i nostri colori Resin Color, Fil Cristal Color e Resin Art.

    IL PIÙ USATO: per la realizzazione di gioielli, bigiotteria, modellismo, creazioni artistiche e prototipazione rapida; Perfetta compatibilità con le nostre gomme R15, R20 e SIL HAND.

    PROTOTIPAZIONE RAPIDA: creazioni perfette in 20 minuti.

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