• KAWAII E UV SUMMER BOX (just 50pz) - The new box in Limited Edition by Reschimica

    Make your own jewels with the Special Uv Kawaii Summer Box by Reschimica.

    Everything you need to start creating your projects immediately, saving money.

    ONLY 50 pieces available at 50%

    In the box you will find:

    • 1 Fil Cristal Uv of 25gr - Monocomponent transparent resin (catalyzes in 2min)
    • 3 Mistery Resin Colors - Liquid resin colors
    • 1 Shiny - A Polishing Gel Coat 
    • 1 mini silicone doser - Washable and reusable doser to mix resin precisely
    • 1 silicone mat - Washable and reusable mat to protect your work surface
    • 33 Openz Bezels - Metallic open frames to be filled with resin.
    Starting from €29.75 Save 50%