Dyes and Pigments

Resin dyes and pigments

Here you will find colors for resin and pigments for resin, perfect for giving a touch of color to your creations quickly and easily.

There are different types of resin dyes, here you can find pigments suitable for creating different effects, in particular liquid resin pigments and powder resin pigments.

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Powder Pigment (5 gr)
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Dyes and Pigments

Powder Pigment (5 gr)

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Resin dyes and pigments

Liquid resin dyes are used when you want to color resin and maintain gloss, shine, and transparency.

Resin pigments, on the other hand, are powder substances that enrich creations and do not affect the catalyzation of the resin.

With these pigments, you can achieve an opaque, iridescent, or metallic effect. How are resin dyes and pigments used?

Our products are easy to use and must be mixed with resin before catalysis in order to be incorporated easily and immediately achieving the desired result. C

hoose the ones you prefer in this section from metallic pigments, iridescent, pastel pigments, and liquid resin colors in every shade.

resin colors are compatible with epoxy and polyurethane casting resins and come with very simple instructions for use.

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