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  • Packaging: 25 gr
  • FIL CRISTAL UV - Monocomponent transparent resin (catalyzes in 2 minutes with UV rays)


    It hardens in a few minutes with UV rays.

    ULTRA TRANSPARENT: the resin is in liquid form; Quickly solidifies in 1-6 minutes if exposed to light from a UV source while maintaining its crystalline effect.

    EASY TO USE: fill the mold or make the sculpture by hand and expose everything to UV light, there is nothing else to do!

    EASY TO COLOR: color the resin to your liking through a wide selection of specific colorants for resins such as our Resin Color, Fil Cristal Color and Resin Art.

    IDEAL FOR DIY: create jewelry, trinkets, pendants, earrings, artistic decorations and much more, the limit is only your imagination!

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  • CAT R15 / 20 - Catalyst for silicone rubber R15 and R20


    Catalyst for R15 and R20 Silicone Rubber. Packaging available:

    • 25 gr
    • 50 gr

    5% mix ratio

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