Transparent epoxy resins

In this section, find the best transparent epoxy resins for all needs. Transparent epoxy resin is, like all epoxy resins, a two-component resin characterized by very high transparency and clarity.

This transparent resin is very useful for making a glass or water effect that does not yellow, thanks to a complex refining process and the use of special UV filters.

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Transparent epoxy resin: what it is and where to buy it

The transparent epoxy casting resins we offer you are strong, scratch-resistant, stable, and low viscosity, with short or long catalysis times depending on your specific needs.

Each transparent two-component resin consists of two elements: the resin and the amine hardener, to be mixed in a very simple way, according to a ratio indicated in the relevant data sheets, to achieve catalysis, that is, curing.

The times for catalysis vary depending on the product and the temperature to which you expose them: the hotter the temperature (within the limits indicated on the product), the faster the curing process. To know how to use clear epoxy casting resins properly, just follow the detailed instructions included with the product you choose.

Transparent epoxy resin is designed to make design objects, jewelry, models, and souvenirs that require a glass or water effect, that need to be colored easily and maintain transparency, to make protective coatings of photographs or canvases, and many other applications in a wide variety of artistic, craft, and decorative fields.

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