Gelcoat shiny

Gelcoat for polishing resin

Gelcoat is a very useful product in the final stage of creating resin accessories because it serves precisely to polish the surfaces.

If your resin creations look dull, don't worry, just apply a clear gelcoat to polish the resin and immediately see your accessories shine.

The product we offer on this page is a brush gelcoat (similar to an enamel) of very high quality, and very easy to apply. Thanks to the brush you can very precisely polish every spot of your resin creation, and its composition offers greater protection to the treated objects and surfaces, making them dustproof and waterproof.

Of course, the surfaces of the resin accessories you want to polish with gelcoat must be dry and clean, free of dust and traces of grease that prevent the anchoring of this resin polish.

Gelcoat is really inexpensive, you can buy it on our site and apply it quickly and accurately even do-it-yourself on all epoxy and polyurethane resin creations, plaster, and marbling, as it does not require particularly developed equipment or technical skills.

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