Seamless Adhesive Tape DIY for epoxy and UV resin

Transparent polyester seamless adhesive tape for creations and bezel in UV and epoxy resin. This adhesive tape is coated with acrylic glue, attaches quickly and easily, and leaves no imprint or residue on your creations.

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This product is perfect for making DIY projects, handcrafted UV epoxy resin jewelry.

Very easy to use, it allows you to fix bezels and metal supports for jewelry, pendants, open bezels, keychain ornaments, or original models to make silicone molds ensuring a perfect result with a seamless, smooth surface and without glue residues that leave shadows.

It detaches easily from any support and without creating any damage to the surfaces of the tables on which it is placed.

Rated 4.8/5 based on 5 customer reviews

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