Starter Kit for Kids - Creative Resin Craft Kit

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Realize your resin crafts with the AquaMagic Kids Starter Kit!
You can find everything you need to start creating fun resin objects, perfect for expressing your creativity in just a few steps.

With the AquaMagic Kids Starter Kit, you can discover the fascinating world of resin crafting and make colorful crafts easily and safely! Everything is ready to be used in no time.
Thanks to free shipping within 48/72 hours, AquaMagic Kids brings quality directly to your home.

The AquaMagic Kids Starter Kit is ideal for making beautiful little objects, pendants, or gifts, allowing you to have fun creating with kids.

It's the perfect kit for:

  • Children who love art and playing while creating. The materials included are non-toxic and safe to use.
  • Those who want to save time and money by purchasing everything they need to start right away.
  • Anyone looking for a safe and fast way to work with resin, ensuring excellent results in every creation.

Everything you need to create in one box!

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