STARTER KIT - BODY CASTING - For casting body parts

Complete 3D kit for making molds of hands, hypoallergenic and safe molds for contact with the skin to create incredible and detailed Footprints for Children and Adults, favors and creations in ceramic plaster / marmorina.

Composed of Alginate and Marmorina (highly resistant white ceramic plaster). Easy to use, fast and safe water based products.

Extraordinary and guaranteed result.

This pack contains

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Alginate ARTPRO Molding
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How to use

STEP 1 - Create the mold of the part to be reproduced with the Alginate in the proportions shown on the package (mix ratio 2:1 with water).

STEP 2 - Once the mold has been created, pour the Fil Ceramic compound previously mixed with water, always following the proportions indicated.

To be Always used with gloves and in the presence of an adult.

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