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100% PURE BEESWAX: 100% natural yellow beeswax tablets. Our beeswax comes only from honey bees and is completely free from artificial additives and flavors. The handy little diamond shape is ideal for numerous DIY projects.

NATURAL SCENT WITHOUT ADDITIVES: Our organic beeswax lozenges come straight through beeswax pallets and are completely natural with a honey smell. When they melt, they just smell like fresh honey. Our organic beeswax tablets melt between 62-64°C. Beeswax can be kept for 2.5 to 3 years if stored in a dry, cool and dark place.

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  • DEAL FOR DIY PROJECTS: Our beeswax is ideal for DIY projects (such as candles, soaps, natural cosmetics, deodorants, conditioners, beeswax towels, skin / wood care, etc. You can also use 100% beeswax as an alternative to Japanese wax, carnauba wax or use rapeseed wax.
  • QUALITY CERTIFIED & TESTED - Our pure beeswax lozenges undergo intensive testing and are completely residue free. The cleaning and the beautiful packaging is done in a small suburb (very close to Munich).
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