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Set Pigments Satin Power

"Satin Power" powder pigment set

Mix them gradually into the resin, until you get the desired color intensity. Mix them together to create new bespoke color shades.

You can use the pigments with epoxy and polyurethane resins, with polymer clays or paint.

They are ideal for most applications including DIY crafts, jewelry, paintings and handmade articles.

This pack contains

Satin Gold Powder Pigment (5gr)
x 1
Violet Pearl Powder Pigment (5gr)
x 1
Blue Pearl Powder Pigment (5gr)
x 1
Green Pearl Powder Pigment (5gr)
x 1

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Set of 4 packs of satin powder pigments:

  • Satin Gold
  • Violet Pearl
  • Blue Pearl
  • Green Pearl

You can add the dry pigments to resin once you have mixed the two components (base and hardener), then continue mixing for a few minutes. They will blend perfectly with the resin without forming clumps.

You can brush the dry pigments into silicone molds before casting the resin to enhance all the details in the surface. In this case, create previously a dark base, by mixing the resin with a dark shade from Resin Art Colors or Fil Cristal Colors or by using a polyurethane resin like Fil Bianco or Fil Grigio.

If you use them with Fil Cristal uv resin, do not add too much pigments, because they don’t let the uv through enough and they can prevent resin from curing properly.

Remember to always wear a breathing mask and gloves when working with resin and pigments.

Gold, silver and copper pigments may contain metal compounds, which can accelerate the hardening process.

Always wear a breathing mask and gloves when working with resin and pigments.

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