Frequently asked questions

Do you accept pre-paid credit cards?
Yes, we accept prepaid credit cards that operate on the Visa and Mastercard circuits.
Is it safe to pay by credit card?
Paying by credit card is absolutely safe because communications between our site and the bank are encrypted and untraceable by third parties.
If I leave my card data in memory, can it be used by third parties?
No, our agents will not be able to view your data in any way. You can also at any time delete the data left in your memory by logging into your account.
What methods of payment are allowed?
The available payment methods are Paypal, Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, and Cash on Delivery.
What are the average delivery times?
Delivery is made in 24/48 hours throughout Italy by GLS express courier. Delivery time means the period that elapses from the time Reschimica entrusts the goods to the courier to the time the courier delivers to the Customer.ent.
Can I choose the delivery time?
It is not possible to indicate the exact time nor the day. The courier service delivers Monday through Friday, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. We recommend that you choose an address at which you can be easily found.
I was not at home when the courier came by, what should I do?
In case there is no one at home at the time of delivery, the courier will leave a notice in the mailbox. Simply get in touch with the courier to find out how to retrieve the order.
How long do I have to return the goods to you?
You will be able to return the goods to us within 14 business days after the package is delivered to your home, The return shipping cost will be borne by the customer.
Can I make purchases from my smart phone?
Of course! Our site is optimized for all devices. You can make your purchases from your smartphone as well as from your PC or tablet.
How can I be sure that I have made the purchase correctly?
If your purchase was successful, you will receive a confirmation email with a summary of the products purchased. Can't find the email or did something go wrong? Check spam or contact us for information. You can use Whatsapp at 0558071454 or email info@reschimica.com.
What locations do you ship to?
In Italy and in many European countries.

Frequently asked questions about product use

I need a colorable resin that cures in less than 20 minutes.
You can use our Polyurethane Resins Fil Bianco and Fil Grigio, which are extremely fast and can be colored with our Resin art or new pigments.
Do you have a resin for high thicknesses? e.g., for making tables?
Yes, Cristal P is the resin you can use, You can make castings up to 30 cm for a super clear result (3/1 resin catalysis ratio, e.g., 300 gr A + 100 gr).
I need a Transparent Resin to make small objects and earrings.
Liquid Glass Resin is the perfect choice for this use, 1:1 transparent resin is perfectly colorable with our pigments and faithfully reproduces all the smallest details.
What is the difference between Fil cristal and Cristal E?
The main difference is the catalysis ratio, Cristal E is 2:1 while fil cristal is 100:60 (e.g. 100 gr part A + 60 gr part B). Other substantial differences are the curing time, which for Cristal E is about 4/6 hours while for Fil cristal is 12/14 hours, and the castable thickness, which for Cristal E is about 1/2 cm while for fil cristal you can get up to 3 cm.
What is the difference between Resin ART and fil cristal color/fil cristal color special?
Resin ART is an opaque dye, once poured inside a transparent resin and mixed properly the end result will be a fully colored object where the transparency will no longer be seen, Fil cristal color or fil cristal color special are colors that leave an effect of transparency to the final object.
I need to make a mold, but I don't know which rubber to choose.
It depends on the type of object you want to make the mold of, if your object is simple and does not have a lot of undercuts you can use a relatively hard Silicone rubber (30 shore) while if the object has a lot of detail you should use a softer rubber such as R PRO 10 (10 shore) or R 15 ( 15 shore) also to make it easier to demold the object without compromising the integrity of the mold.
What is the difference between R PRO 10 / 20 / 30 ?
They are all 3 1: 1 addition silicone rubbers with a platinum catalyst, the only difference is the shore (hardness of the rubber). R PRO 10: 10 shore (Soft silicone rubber) R PRO 20: 20 shore (Medium hardness silicone rubber) R PRO 30: 30 shore (Hard silicone rubber).
What is the difference between R PRO and R 15/20 silicone rubber?
Let's start by saying that the nature of the rubbers is different, R PRO are Addition Silicone Rubbers while R 15/20 are Condensation Silicone Rubbers, another substantial difference is the shrinkage of the rubber once it is hardened, R PRO do not have it, while for R 15/20 it is 0.2/0.3 % , the last substantial difference is that with R PRO silicone rubbers it is not possible to make molds of objects that have plasticine or sulfur in them (in most cases they are objects made with 3D printers ) while with R 15/20 it is possible to make molds of any object.
Do you have a silicon rubber that can withstand high temperatures?
R Metal is our silicone rubber that withstands high temperatures ( for example, casting low melting point alloys) is red in color and has 55 shore hardness.
How do I extend the life of the mold?
By wiping our Silicone Oil over the mold with a cloth, it is possible to double the number of castings that can be made inside the mold before the mold deteriorates from too much use.
I have to make a casting of Resin in a mold of steel or materials other than silicone, how do I detach the resin from the mold?
Use our R- WAX release spray, it creates a film over the mold that makes it much easier to release between it and the resin.
Do you have a translucent silicone rubber?
R pro tech 45 is our translucent silicone rubber, 45 shore hardness is ideal for those who need to make molds with transparent effect.
I would like a non-toxic product to make a cast of my hand, what product can I use?
Our alginate is perfect for the above use, dip your hands inside the product, wait 10 minutes and your mold is ready to be made.
What material can I pour inside the mold made with alginate?
Fil Ceramic, is the most popular product to be cast inside the alginate mold, can also be made to make items such as wedding favors or small decorative items.
I would like to make the mold of small objects, do you have a very fast silicone rubber?
Sil hand is Our fastest 1:1 paste of two-component silicone rubber, mix the 2 components, apply the rubber over the object, and after 5 minutes it will be cured.
Do you have a vertical castable silicone rubber ?
Sil art is our vertically applicable paste silicone rubber, mainly used to reproduce the mold of large or small sculptures.
How do I make a liquid rubber spreadable vertically?
Thixo additive must be applied to the silicone rubber. According to the amount of rubber to be used, add the 3 % additive inside and mix, after a few moments you will notice the thickening of it and then it will be possible to "pour" it vertically."
Can I use colors from other brands to color the resin?
No, our dyes are specifically for the Resins we have, they have been tested and verified only for them.
How much dye should I put inside the resin to properly color it?
There is no exact proportion of dye to be put inside the resin, as our dyes are very concentrated it is recommended to put really few drops since a disproportionate use of the dye can cause damage to the catalysis of the resin.Regarding the use of pigments, there are no contraindications regarding the dosage of the same to color the resin.
How is shiny additive applied and what is it used for?
It is a brush-on gel that should be applied over creations that have already been catalyzed; it is used to give the object more shine.
Do you have a UV resin?
We have our UV fil cristal in 3 sizes, 25 gr, 60 gr and 100 gr. Ideal for making small objects in a short time, it hardens in 2 minutes using a flashlight.
Do you have a food grade silicone rubber?
R FOOD is our certified food-grade silicone rubber, it can withstand oven temperatures up to 300 degrees and is ideal for making molds for foods such as chocolates.