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Powder pigment in various colors, ideal for resin (5 gr)

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Bright metallic pigments in powder form

Add a little pigment at a time until you reach the desired intensity of color. Mix multiple colors together to create new unique and personalized shades.

✔️VERSATILITY: Powder pigments are suitable for use with a variety of materials, such as epoxy and polyurethane resins, polymer clays and paint. This versatility allows you to make the most of the product for a wide range of DIY creations, including jewellery, paintings and handicrafts.

✔️WIDE RANGE OF COLOURS: They are available in a huge range of vibrant colors and shades. This allows for unique and personalized artistic results, adding depth, luminosity and detail to your creations.

✔️EASY BLENDING: Thanks to their powdery consistency, these pigments can be easily mixed with different materials, such as epoxy resin and polymer clays. This ease of mixing allows you to obtain personalized colors and to create special effects and unique shades.

✔️HIGH QUALITY AND DURABILITY: The powder pigments offer great stability over time and resistance to deterioration, ensuring that your creations maintain their original appearance over time. This is especially important for jewelery and handicrafts, which must resist wear and color fading.

✔️CREATIVITY AND CUSTOMIZATION: The use of powder pigments allows you to express your creativity in a unique and personalized way. With the ability to mix and match colours, create special effects and experiment with different application techniques.


Pigmenti in polvere
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Size : 10-70μm

You can add powdered pigments to the resin epoxy compound (base and catalyst), mixing well for a few minutes. The pigments will dissolve perfectly, without forming lumps.

You can brush them on the bottom of the silicone molds to bring out all the details of the surface to the maximum, once the creation is unmolded. In this case, create a base by previously mixing the resin with a dark color of Resin Art Color or of Fil Cristal Color or using a polyurethane resin such as Fil Bianco and Fil Grigio .

If you use them with Fil Cristal uv resin, add a little pigment, otherwise the uv rays will not penetrate properly and the resin will have catalysis problems.

Always wear gloves and a mask when using these volatile powders.

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