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Metallic Luster Paste Pigment, ideal for epoxy resins (50 gr)

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Brilliant 50g Metallic Paste Pigments

Add a little pigment at a time until you reach the desired intensity of colour. Mix several colors together for a mirror effect, bright, shiny and particular.

It takes a little product to get a color full. These pigments follow the movement of the resin as it dries, excellent for obtaining marble effect or effect sea wave. To use with resins epoxy.

You can use the pigments with epoxy and polyurethane resins, with polymer pastes and for painting, when mixed with a medium.

Ideal for do-it-yourself creations, jewelry, paintings and handicrafts.


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You can add the powdered pigments to the epoxy resin compound (base and catalyst), mixing well for a few minutes. The pigments will dissolve perfectly, without forming lumps .

You can brush them on the bottom of the silicone molds to bring out all the details of the surface to the maximum, once the creation is unmolded. In this case, create a base by previously mixing the resin with a dark color of Resin Art Color or Fil Cristal Color or using a polyurethane resin such as Fil Bianco and Fil Grigio .

If you use them with Fil Cristal uv resin, add a little pigment, otherwise the uv rays will not penetrate properly and the resin will have catalysis problems.

Always wear gloves and a mask when using these volatile powders.

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