FIL CRISTAL UV SOFT - Transparent resin monocomponent more liquid (hardens in 2 min with UV rays)

More liquid than Fil Cristal UV, Fil Cristal UV Soft hardens in a few minutes with UV rays.

ULTRA TRANSPARENT: the resin is in liquid form; Quickly solidifies in 1-6 minutes if exposed to light from a UV source while maintaining its crystalline effect.

EASY TO USE: fill the mold or make the sculpture by hand and expose everything to UV light, there is nothing else to do!

EASY TO COLOR: color the resin to your liking through a wide selection of specific colorants for resins such as our Resin Color, Fil Cristal Color and Resin Art.

IDEAL FOR DIY: create jewelry, trinkets, pendants, earrings, artistic decorations and much more, the limit is only your imagination!


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It is ideal for making thin objects and crafts in transparent resin such as pendants, bijoux, frames, small silicone molds, etc.

It can be easily colored with Resin Color, Fil Cristal Color and Resin Art colors.


- Packaging: 25gr

- Color: clear transparent

Hardening time:

- UV lamp: 1-6 minutes (the stronger the UV light, the shorter the curing time).

- Direct sunlight: 10-15 minutes

- Direct sunlight (cloudy day): resin 30-60 minutes

UV resins dry in a few minutes with direct UV exposure. Let your creations dry in the sunlight, or visit the accessories section to purchase the special UV torch.

Always use with gloves and in the presence of an adult.

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