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FAST epoxy resin. Simple and safe, it'll allow you to create transparent and shiny objects in resin in just 4 hours.

Very simple catalysis ratio: 2: 1


  • 600 gr (400 gr A + 200 gr B)
  • 300 gr (200 gr A + 100 gr B)
  • 1,2 KG (800 gr A + 400 gr B)


CRISTAL E is a fast epoxy resin (catalyzes in just 4 hours!) And simple to use. 

It'll allow you to create objects in transparent and shiny resin in just 4 hours and has a very simple catalysis ratio: 2: 1 (for example 20gr of part A + 10gr of part B)

Ideal for making bijoux, cabochons, jewels and works by Mixed Media.

Cristal E is a professional product that allows the creation of transparent, brilliant works, typical of epoxy resin, halving the processing time. Thanks to its innovative formula the creations have been transformed from the models after only 4 hours and harden completely after 6 hours.

The working time is 10'-15 'for quantities up to 30gr.

To get the best result, work for 60-90 seconds and apply.

Prepare 100 grams of product at a time to prevent the resin from pre-catalyzing before exercise.

Technical note: catalysis times (hardening of the creations) are influenced by external factors, such as temperature and humidity. The higher the temperature, the faster the catalysis. 

Furthermore, the product can be removed from the silicone molds after 4 hours, but its maximum safety (not deformable) will occur after 12 / 24h.

As with all other epoxy resins, the use of tempera and acrylic enamels in percentages higher than 1% can damage the mechanical strength of the creations.

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