RESIN PASTEL COLOR - Set consisting of 6 classic colors for resin (covering effect)

VAT included

New: 6 beautiful pastel colors to make your creations unique and colorful: yellow, light blue, pink, lilac, blue and peach!

The Resin Pastel Color have special pigments developed to color epoxy and polyurethane resins.

Color your creations and free your imagination!



Set of 6 packs of 10 gr. with the special precision dispenser.

Pastel colors available:

★ Celeste

★ Rose

★ Lilac

★ Yellow

★ Green water

★ Fishing

Intense and brilliant colors with pigments created especially to color the Fil Bianco, Fil Cristal, Fil Cristal UV, and Cristal E resins, to be added to component A before being mixed with component B.

Give color to your creations in the best easy way!

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