Double Rose Mold

Shiny and transparent silicone mold with 2 different rose shapes, perfect in every detail, to realize unique and bright creations, to embed dried flowers, stones, or to achieve amazing effects with colors.


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Mold dimension: 7,5cm x 5cm.
Thickness: 3cm.

Inside the mold you can cast epoxy and polyurethane resins, wax and plaster.

It's easy to use and clean: just rotate the mold to extract the creation when the material is cured. Clean the mold with soap and water and store it away from direct sun and dust.

Try it with transparent epoxy resin FIL CRISTAL or with white resin FIL BIANCO and together with our 100% safe intense RESIN ART COLORS or with FIL CRISTAL COLORS, that have a glass effect.

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