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Shiny Snake Pendant Earring Resin Molds

High-quality silicone rubber mold to create 6 pairs of beautiful and shiny snake-shaped earrings.

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High-quality silicone rubber mold to create 6 pairs of beautiful and shiny snake-shaped earrings. The mold is very elastic, flexible, with a glossy finish.

Application: You can use it with resin, pigments, dried flowers, paints, glitter, or any decorative items you like.

Easy to use and clean: just pour the resin into the mold and wait for it to harden. This silicone mold is so easy to use with resin that you can use it even if you are a beginner. Once the resin has hardened to unmold it you just have to rotate the mold and the creation will come off quickly and easily.

Suggested materials: Fil Cristal transparent resin, Fil Bianco white resin, Fil Ceramic.

Size: 16.6cm x 15cm - Snake Mod 1: 6.7cm x 2.5cm - Md 2: 6.7cm x 1.4cm - Mod 3: 5.8cm x 3.5cm

It is recommended to store it away from direct sunlight and dust.

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