R PRO 30 - Additive Silicone rubber for professional high hardness molds (catalyzes in 3h)

Addition silicone rubber. 

It hardens in 3 hours at room temperature, has a very high dimensional stability (linear shrinkage 0%) and high technical and mechanical performance (+ 15% of casting compared to other tires).

Ideal for making hard professional molds (hardness 30 shoreA) in a simple and safe way.


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It is a bi-component addition rubber (base + platinum catalyst) of orange color that thanks to its low viscosity and high elasticity allows copying faithfully even the smallest details.

It has excellent resistance to tearing, great resistance to high temperatures and aging and an excellent non-stick effect.

The main areas of application are:

  • Mouldmaking and modeling (due to its remarkable reproduction precision, high dimensional stability and high mechanical strength)
  • Artistic ceramics (due to the high dimensional stability, the remarkable fluidity, and the good mechanical resistance)

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