R PRO TECH 33 - Additive Silicone Rubber ideal for the professional jewellery sector (33 shoreA)

VAT included

Addition of silicone rubber.

It has a very high dimensional stability (linear contraction 0%) and high technical and mechanical performance (+ 20% of the jet compared to other tires).

Ideal for making TRANSPARENT / TRANSLUCENT professional dies for the jewelry sector with hardness 33 shoreA.

  • 10 kg ( 5 kg A + 5 kg B)
  • 1 kg ( 500 gr A+ 500 gr B)
  • 2 kg ( 1kg A + 1 kg B)
  • 0,500 kg ( 250 gr A + 250 gr B)


It is a transparent/translucent bi-component addition rubber (base + platinum catalyst) with a medium-high viscosity.

Able to copy faithfully even the smallest details, it has good resistance to tearing, great resistance to high temperatures and aging and an excellent non-stick effect.

The main areas of application are:

  • Mouldmaking and modeling (due to its remarkable reproduction precision, high dimensional stability and high mechanical strength)
  • Jewelry (for the remarkable precision in reproduction, for the high mechanical resistance).

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