R METAL - Silicone Rubber high temperature resistant

It is the silicone rubber for condensation that resists high temperatures.

It is ideal for making molds for metal soldiers or for making coatings to protect electrical or electronic mechanical components.


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It is a red, odorless bi-component rubber (base + catalyst), which has a high hardness (55 ShoreA) and a high viscosity. 

It allows you to copy faithfully even the smallest details, and to make molds of any type and size.

It is particularly suitable for making metal objects with a low melting point (eg tin, lead etc). 

Given the high viscosity, we recommend using the vacuum machine before pouring the product to eliminate air bubbles.



  • 100g  R Metal rubber
  • 5g (c-metal)catalyst

Perfect for tin, lead and low melting alloy objects

It hardens in 12 hours and is highly resistant to laceration. To be used in the presence of an adult.

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