SIL HAND - Non-toxic silicone rubber


Sil Hand is a silicone rubber in paste, certified for skin contact, which allows you to make perfect molds in 5 minutes. It can be used on vertical surfaces and faithfully copies even the smallest details.

gomma siliconica atossica
Non Toxic
Skin Contact
gomma siliconica sil hand mix ratio 1:1
Mix Ratio
gomma siliconica sil hand veloce
Fast Curing
Time 5’
gomma siliconica sil hand riproduce dettagli
every Detail
  • 250 gr (125 gr A + 125 gr B)
  • 500 gr (250 gr A + 250 gr B)
  • 1 KG (500 gr A+ 500 gr B)

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It is a bi-component paste rubber (base and platinum catalyst) of violet color that thanks to its special formulation allows to make molds in 5 minutes directly on vertical surfaces copying even the smallest details.

Absolutely safe (certified for contact with the skin), it is also suitable for use in the educational activities of children.

With Sil Hand you can make molds of any type and size and is perfect for making works in plaster, resin, wax, soap.



ex: 100g Sil Hand A + 100g Sil Hand B

Perfect to make fast and easy molds.

It hardens in 5 minutes and faithfully reproduces the tiniest detail.

To be used in the presence of an adult.

How to use Sil Hand for molds making in 5 minutes

How to realize mold in 5 minutes

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