R 15 - Silicone rubber for soft molds (catalyzes in 6 hours)

It is the fastest RTV silicone rubber on the market, it hardens in just 6 hours at room temperature. It has a very high resistance to tearing and is ideal for making soft molds (13 ShoreA hardness).

Gomme Siliconiche

It is a bi-component rubber (base + catalyst) that thanks to its low viscosity and high elasticity allows copying faithfully even the smallest details.

Ideal to make molds of any type and size and is particularly suitable for making objects and creations in plaster, resins, wax, soap, and cement.

Thanks to the special catalyst formula we managed to:

  • Reduce the setting (from 12 hours to 6 hours)
  • Eliminate the bad smells typical of the other catalyseurs.
  • Improve technical and mechanical performance (+ 15% of casting compared to all other commercially available condensation silicone rubbers)
  • Improve the aging resistance of the molds