SIL ART - Silicone Rubber in paste ideal for large molds and vertical applications

It is the most used condensation paste silicone rubber in Pietrasanta by sculptors and model makers.  It allows making large and light molds directly on vertical surfaces.

Gomme Siliconiche

It is a bi-component paste rubber (base and catalyst) that thanks to its special formulation, it allows to create large and light molds directly on vertical surfaces, copying even the smallest details.

Thanks to these unique features for over 20 years it is the rubber most used by the sculptors and foundries of Pietrasanta and is the most used in the Fine Arts Academies.

With Sil Art you can make molds of any type and size and is particularly suitable for making works in plaster, resin, wax, soap.



ex: 100g sil art rubber + 10g catalyst (c-art)

Perfect to make big and complex molds on vertical surfaces, like capitals, friezes and sculptures.

It can’t be used to cook.

It hardens at ambient temperature and faithfully reproduces every detail.

To be always used in the presence of an adult.