Handmade Molds

Here you will find handmade silicone molds made by Gea Creations with our high-quality silicone rubbers to make resin creations and more. Compared to industrial molds, these are handmade out of professional rubbers that copy out every single detail from the model, have a unique design specially studied by creatives, and last longer in time.

You can pour epoxy resins, transparent and colored, polyurethane resins, or marmorino powder inside molds to have plaster-like objects. All the silicone molds are non-toxic and easy to clean with a little alcohol or running water. To best store them it is good not to expose them to UV radiation. As you will see, silicone molds are extremely easy to use and do not require any release agents, when the resin has hardened, just remove the cast from the mold and it is immediately ready for the next casting.

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