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Pure beeswax, ideal for candle making (300 gr)

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Yellow and 100% natural beeswax pads. Our beeswax comes only from honey bees and is completely free from artificial additives and flavors. The handy little diamond shape is ideal for numerous DIY projects.

✔️IDEAL FOR CANDLE MAKING: Candle beeswax is specifically formulated to be used in craft candle making. Its texture and melting temperature allow for easy handling and pouring into the desired shape.

✔️WARM YELLOW COLOUR: The beeswax for candles has a beautiful warm yellow color which gives the candles a cozy and natural look. Candles made with this wax add a touch of warmth and ambiance to your home or special event.

✔️LONG LASTING: Candles made with beeswax have an exceptionally long life. Beeswax burns slower than other candles, providing hours of light and a delicate scent. This allows you to enjoy candles for extended periods of time.

✔️BENEFITS: Natural beeswax gives off a delicate and soothing fragrance as it burns, creating a pleasant atmosphere. Additionally, beeswax is known to be a healthier choice than traditional paraffin-based candles, as it doesn't emit toxic chemicals when burned.

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