SIL COLOR - Intense and brilliant Silicon Colours for Liquid Silicone Rubbers 40gr

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SIL COLOR dyes are chemical substances or compounds used to color silicone rubber.

These colorants are designed to be compatible with the silicone matrix, ensuring that the color is distributed evenly without affecting the physical or chemical properties of the silicone itself.

✔️DYE CONCENTRATION: The amount of dye added affects the intensity of the final color. It is important to balance the concentration to obtain the desired color without compromising the mechanical properties or workability of the silicone.

✔️MIX RATIO 2% : the colorant must be added at a percentage not exceeding 2% of the silicone. 100g of silicone 2g of dye

✔️HIGH CHEMICAL COMPATIBILITY: SIL COLOR dyes are highly compatible with the silicone matrix to ensure uniform color distribution without negatively influencing the physical or chemical properties of the silicone itself.

✔️WIDE RANGE OF COLORS: They offer a wide choice of colors, from bright tones to more sober ones, to satisfy different aesthetic needs in applications ranging from consumer products to industrial ones. 

✔️STABILITY AND DURABILITY: They have excellent resistance to atmospheric agents, UV light, heat and chemicals, making them ideal for outdoor applications or in demanding environmental conditions.

✔️SIMPLE TO USE: SIL COLOR are packaged in practical, easy-to-use bottles for easier application. Feel free to blend these base colors to create the gorgeous color you want!

In accordance with Regulation nº1272/2008 (CLP ), the product is not classified as dangerous 

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