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Complete Set of Stainless Steel Handcrafted Open Bezel By Mushy Design

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Complete set of Handcrafted Open Bezel in stainless steel designed by Mushy Design.
Ideal for casting uv resin, epoxy or polyurethane resin to create magnificent pendants.

  • x1 Open Bezel rectangle 
  • x1 Open Bezel circle
  • x1 Open Bezel rhombus

This pack contains

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Tip: play with transparency.

Shape: Designed with geometric shapes and lines to unleash your imagination. With the ring, already included in the template, you can avoid puncturing or scratching the creation, thus you will be able to quickly transform the pendant into the bijoux of your choice.

Material: Stainless Steel

How to use: Apply the tape on one side of the open bezel, this will act as a temporary base, then pour a few drops of resin. Remove the tape when the resin has hardened.


  • Stainless - does not oxidize with use, does not change color.
  • Hypoallergenic - does not cause reactions on the skin, so it can be used by those allergic to nickel.
  • It can come into contact with water.
  • More resistant to shocks and signs of aging.
  • Little maintenance to clean it.
  • Ideal for a bijoux that can be worn every day.
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