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LATEX PRO - Skin-colored liquid latex for masks, scars, wounds Halloween (1 lt)

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Pre-vulcanized rubber latex is a natural material that can be used for creating small molds. This material is also used in scenography and restoration and it is possible to color it using pigments.

Latex hardens at room temperature and the rubber you get is flexible and elastic. In addition to mold making, rubber latex can be used to impregnate fabrics, create waterproof protective layers, and protect surfaces from chemicals, paints, or abrasives. The application of the latex is done with the brush, without dilution, and you can obtain matrices for the casts by repeatedly dipping the object you want to replicate in the rubber latex.

✔️FLEXIBILITY AND DURABILITY: The liquid latex, once dried, creates a flexible and resistant surface that can easily adapt to the movements of the face or other parts of the body. This feature makes it ideal for masks that require high expressiveness or to be worn for long periods.

✔️DETAIL AND TEXTURE: Thanks to its consistency and versatility, liquid latex allows you to capture very fine details in the models and molds used for creating masks. This makes it particularly useful for achieving realistic texture effects such as skin, wrinkles, scars, and other detailed surface features.

✔️COLORING AND PAINTING: Liquid latex can be colored by mixing pigments before its application or can be painted once dry. This allows a wide range of aesthetic finishes, from natural shades to the more lively and imaginative ones, making each mask unique in its kind.

✔️EASY APPLICATIONS AND REMOVALS: The application of liquid latex is relatively simple and can be done with tools such as brushes, sponges, or even fingers, depending on the desired effect. Removing latex masks is equally simple, and in most cases, the masks can be pulled away from the skin without pain or discomfort.

✔️STORAGE: it is recommended to store LATEX PRO natural rubber latex at a temperature varying between 15° and 20°, never lower than 5°, never higher than 40° and to avoid humid places.

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