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  • SHINY - Polishing Gel Coat to restore or give shine to your opaque creations


    Turn your creations into a few minutes, making them super shiny with just one gesture!


    15 voti
    Starting from €4.00
  • GLITTER - Set of 12 glitter available in different shapes and colors

    The finest glitters for shiny decorations. They can be mixed to colors or applied at the end.

    Different shapes: hearts, butterflies, circles

    Starting from €6.00
  • Master DIY Tool Kit

    The Master DIY Bijoux Tools Kit is complete with all the tools for creating or repairing resin jewelry and bijoux.

    Starting from €21.00
  • SILICONE STICK - Endless silicone mixing Stick

    Translucent silicone sticks to mix the color and decorate your creations with maximum precision dosing color and movement exactly where you want, without making mistakes.

    14 voti
    Starting from €1.15
  • SILICONE DISPENSER - Ultimate Silicone Cup with meter

    Super size transparent silicone dispenser - 250ml - with integrated meter on the sides to always be precise.

    Easy to clean can be used indefinitely!

    1 voti
    Starting from €5.00
  • SILCONE DISPENSER - Ultimate precision pouring Silicon Cup

    Ultimate precision translucent silicone dispenser essential for finishing with maximum precision for your creations, dosing the last drops of colored resin in the perfect point where it is needed.

    Easy to clean, it can be used practically indefinitely.

    6 voti
    Starting from €3.00
  • SILICONE OIL - Release agent and lubricant also used in the fluid painting technique

    Its physical characteristics are: chemical inertia, good dielectric properties, low surface tension.

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    Starting from €10.50
  • UV TORCH - Ideal tool for UV resin creations (catalyses the UV resin in 10sec)

    UV torch with 12 LEDs, powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included).

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    Starting from €3.00
    Save 50%
  • SILICONE MAT - Ideal tool to protect the work surface (washable and reusable)

    Protect your work surface with this comfortable silicone mat!


    8 voti
    Starting from €6.00
  • THIXOTROPIC - To make the rubber spatulable vertically (3% catalysis)

    Thixotropic additive. Catalysis percentage 3%.

    Perfect to paddle the rubber on a vertical surface without making it pour

    Starting from €8.00