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AQUA RESIN - Mineral Resin in White Powder, non-toxic and safe, to be mixed with Water

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Resin powder, 100% safe and non-toxic. From the innovative formula comes a safe resin, easy to use, suitable for use without protection, such as gloves and goggles, a resin that can be handled safely by children.

✔️EASY TO USE: add a percentage of 30% water to the product. In the case of molds rich in details, you can add an additional amount of water to the product. Easy to color with resin pigments, both liquid and powder, tempera or acrylic colors.

✔️SAFE: thanks to its innovative formula, it is free from toxic substances and can be handled without protective tools.

✔️USES: Aqua Resin is the powdered resin for moulds, suitable for making furnishing components, such as wooden and resin tables, design objects, trays, coin trays, candle holders , frames. It is a resin suitable for being combined with thick molds.

✔️EXCELLENT MECHANICAL PROPERTIES: the reduced porosity of the product makes it an extremely glossy and resistant resin.

✔️CATALYSIS RATIO: 100:30 Ideal for the creation of artistic works in resin such as furniture, design and furnishing objects, suitable for large molds.

  With every purchase of Aqua Resin, you will receive 2 Glitters for free!   

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✔️RESCHIMICA QUALITY: cutting-edge Italian company for the production of rubbers, resins and DIY products.

✔️Aqua Resin: the super-glossy powder resin with an innovative formula that makes it safer and really easy to use, also ideal for those who are just starting out and have no experience.

With the addition of dyes for resins it is possible to recreate very particular effects. The product hardens in 30 minutes (depending on the external temperature and humidity), self-levels and can be used for the most varied applications.

✔️SAFE: thanks to its innovative formula, it is suitable for use without protective instruments, such as gloves and goggles. Suitable for children.

✔️STORAGE: it is advisable to store the resin at a variable temperature between 18°-25° and to avoid humid places

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