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4EVER Resin Mixing Stick - Kit x6

16cm long colored silicone sticks - 6pcs 6pcs kit.
Ideal for mixing resin, they are ergonomic. They have a perfectly smooth surface, with rounded ends, the ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and easy to use, allowing you to minimize waste of material.

This pack contains

Resin Mixing Stick - Single Piece
x 6

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Application: You can use these silicone epoxy sticks to mix epoxy and polyurethane resin, plaster, wax, soap, paints, paint, liquid silicone rubber, etc.

Easy to use and safe: 4EVER Mixing sticks are made of quality silicone rubber, they are light, odorless and very easy to clean, and can be reused indefinitely.

Easy to clean: after finished using, simply put away 4EVER Mixing stick and wait for the resin to dry, then remove the dried resin with your hands, finally, rinse the sticks with water to clean it and dry it with paper

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