FIL CRISTAL - Transparent resin crystal effect for casting up to a max thickness of 3 cm (catalyzes in 12/24h)


Transparent epoxy resin to make shiny and transparent objects.

EASY TO USE: mix the 2 components with the right ratio of catalysis (60% = 100g component A + 60g component B) to have the product ready for use; Easy to color with specific dyes for epoxy resins.

THE MOST USED: for making jewels, trinkets, models, artistic creations and coatings on different supports such as wood, flooring, concrete and much more.

EXCELLENT RESISTANCE TO EXTERNAL AGENTS: The special UV filter prevents yellowing caused by ultraviolet rays from the sun; The crystalline transparency allows to obtain a glazing effect even with thicknesses of 3 cm.

EXCELLENT MECHANICAL PROPERTIES: its viscosity allows the casting without incorporating air bubbles, allowing excellent workability both on surfaces and with silicone molds.

QUALITY RESCHIMICA: Italian company at the forefront for the production of rubbers, resins and foams.

€12.80 16,00€ Save 20%
Save 20%
  • 800 gr (500 gr A + 300 gr B)
  • 1,6 KG (1 kg A + 600 gr B)
  • 8 KG (5 kg A + 3 KG B)
  • 16 KG (10 kg A + 6 KG B)
  • 320 gr (200 gr A + 120 gr B)

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ex: 100G OF COMP. A + 60G DI COMP. B

Perfect for artworks, Bijoux, creations and resin decorations and to reproduce water effects 

The product hardens in 12/24 hours, it is self-levelling and may be used for application in thickness (up to 3 cm).


To be used in the presence o fan adult. 

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