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R PRO 10 - Silicone rubber 1:1 for silicone soft moulds, making kit for DIY

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R PRO 10 is a 1:1 addition silicone rubber with high resistance to tearing. Suitable for modeling and moldmaking, this silicone rubber is very versatile and ideal for making soft molds (12 shore) which allow you to reproduce even the smallest details and undercuts.

✔️HIGH PERFORMANCE: R PRO 10 mold silicone faithfully copies even the smallest details allowing you to make 20% more castings than other silicone rubbers and the molds have no linear shrinkage. It is a very fluid rubber that guarantees easy mixing and does not need to be degassed with vacuum machines.

✔️HARDNESS: The catalysed rubber allows you to make soft (hardness 12 ShoreA) and very elastic molds with a high resistance to tearing, the processing time is 45 minutes while the hardening time is 3 hours.

✔️MOLDS PERFORMANCE: The physical life of the mold depends on how it is used (cast materials, frequency, etc.). Casting abrasive materials such as concrete can quickly erode mold detail, while casting non-abrasive materials (wax) does not affect mold detail.

✔️NOTE: Sulfur-based modeling clay is NOT compatible and may inhibit the catalysis of R PRO rubbers.

Gomma siliconica liquida per stampi morbidi
A 12
Gomma siliconica liquida per stampi morbidi
Mix Ratio
Gomma siliconica liquida per stampi morbidi
Fast Curing
Time 3 hours
Gomma siliconica liquida per stampi morbidi
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It is a bi-component addition rubber (base + platinum catalyst) of orange color that thanks to its low viscosity and high elasticity allows copying faithfully even the smallest details.

It has excellent resistance to tearing, great resistance to high temperatures and aging and an excellent non-stick effect.

The main areas of application are:

  • Mouldmaking and modeling (due to its remarkable reproduction precision, high dimensional stability and high mechanical strength)
  • Artistic ceramics (due to the high dimensional stability, the remarkable fluidity, and the good mechanical resistance)

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